Three Athletic Facilities Receive Upgrades

The newly-rebranded UMBC Aquatic Complex

Resurfaced Tennis Complex

Refinished RAC Arena Court

BALTIMORE – The UMBC Department of Athletics recently completed renovations and upgrades to three facilities – the UMBC Aquatics Complex, the Retriever Tennis Complex, and the RAC Arena – on campus, Senior Associate Athletic Director Gary Wohlstetter announced. 

“This was a great opportunity to renovate and upgrade the facilities,” said Wohlstetter.  “With the work we can provide the highest quality of facilities for our student-athletes which I think will generate a lot of positive energy for the programs.”

The newly-branded Aquatic Complex, which had not been renovated in nearly forty years, received the most attention as the indoor pool, along with the diving well, was drained as the facility was made over.  The home of UMBC’s swimming and diving programs, the Aquatic Complex received maintenance and upgrades which included new diving boards and starting blocks in addition to a paint job and brand new white, black, and gold deck tile.

The work just outside the complex at the tennis courts was not nearly as extensive, but nonetheless apparent. The Retriever Tennis Complex, which was renovated back in 2005 and consists of six courts, was completely resurfaced and painted in a blue-green color scheme reminiscent of the courts at the U.S. Tennis Center in Flushing Meadow, N.Y.

Inside, the RAC Arena floor will sport a slightly different look for the volleyball and basketball seasons.  After the floor was sanded and resurfaced, the revised America East logo was updated in the paint areas.