What is a Prospective Student-Athlete?

A prospective student-athlete, or a prospect, is a student who has started classes for the ninth grade. A student who has not yet started ninth grade may become a prospect if a college/university or a booster provided the student, their relatives, or friends with financial assistance or benefit that is not generally provided to other students. (Exception: In the sport of men's basketball, athletes entering 7th grade are considered prospects). Student-Athletes enrolled in preparatory school or two-year colleges, or those who have officially withdrawn from a four-year school, are considered prospective student-athletes. A prospect remains a prospect even after he/she has signed a National Letter of Intent or accepted an offer of admission or financial aid to attend a college/university.

International Students

Any student that receives a grant greater than tuition and fees will be subject to U.S. Federal and state regulations. All such students will need to fill out forms through athletic financial personnel.

All students must have health insurance that is accepted in the United States