Compliance Corner

UMBC prides itself in knowing that our athletes are held to the highest degree of academic and athletic integrity. Our student-athletes are taught to always compete hard and play within the rules.

These same values are held and practiced by our administrators, coaches, and staff. We also hope that our friends and supporters of UMBC athletics participate in the same manner and follow the many NCAA rules and regulations applicable to them.

The NCAA provides explicit rules governing the actions of Representatives of Athletics Interests, also known as boosters. UMBC understands that you may be unaware of these rules and hopes that by providing this information, any questions or misinterpretations to your role in Retriever Athletics will be clarified.

Violations of the NCAA rules made by a representative of UMBC's athletics interests may lead to sanctions against the university, loss of eligibility for the athlete, and restrictions on your future involvement with the athletics program.

Any further questions should be directed to Kala Andrews, Associate AD/Compliance at 410-455-2012 or

Thank you for your continued support of UMBC Athletics.

Compliance Staff

  Kala Andrews
Associate AD/Compliance

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