Boosters & Extra Benefits

Representatives of Athletics Interests 
Thank you to all the boosters, alumni, faculty, staff, students and fans who root for the Retrievers each time they take the step onto the playing field, court, pool, etc. As a member institution of the NCAA, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County is obligated to conduct its athletics program in accordance with the rules and regulations of the NCAA. The Compliance Office at UMBC is dedicated to overseeing that UMBC succeeds in that task, but compliance is the responsibility of everyone.

As a supporter of UMBC Athletics you are, or can unintentionally make you, a "representative of the university's athletics interests," and are thereby bound by the same rules and regulations as the athletics program. Therefore, please review the informative and educational material provided on this page to learn more about NCAA rules and regulations. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding NCAA rules, please do not hesitate to contact UMBC Compliance at (410) 455-2012 or by email at

Am I a Booster?
You are a Booster or a Representative of Interest if you:

  • Made any type of contribution to the athletics department or to a booster club
  • Joined the institution's booster club or any sport specific support group
  • Provided or helped arrange employment for a student-athlete
  • Provided benefits to enrolled student-athletes or their families
  • Assisted in any manner in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes
  • Are the parent of a current student-athlete
  • Promoted the institution's athletics program in any manner
  • Purchased season tickets from the University

Some examples of boosters are: fans, undergraduate students, graduate students, all university faculty, staff and other employees and alumni. (This is not an exhaustive list.) 

What is an Extra Benefit?
Fans and boosters may not provide anything to prospects or currently enrolled student-athletes (or their families) without prior approval from UMBC Compliance Office. If a student-athlete and/or his or her family accept any benefits of special consideration (e.g., transportation, clothing, money, meals, etc.) based on their athletic skill, the student-athlete jeopardizes his or her eligibility and UMBC will be subject to NCAA penalties.

Extra benefits can include, but, are not limited to:

  • Money, gifts, clothing, tickets for entertainment, haircut, and use of a car.
  • Free or reduced-cost room or board anywhere.
  • Free or reduced-cost merchandise or services.
  • Use of Athletics Department copy/fax machines, long distance telephone services or free use of a cell phone.
  • Typing or editing reports, papers, letters, etc. for a student-athlete.
  • A loan of money or the consigning of a note to arrange a loan.
  • The sale or trade of complimentary admissions for merchandise, services or debt repayment.
  • The sale or trade of ANY items a student-athlete has received for his or her participation in athletics (e.g., gear, clothing, awards).

This list is not exhaustive. Please refrain from offering prospects and/or current student-athletes and their families and friends anything that is not available to all students or the general public.

As a Booster, What can I do to help UMBC Athletics?

  • I can attend as many athletic contests as I desire;
  • I can call, write, or send newspaper articles to the Retriever coaching staff regarding outstanding student-athletes;
  • I can offer assistance to the Retriever coaching staff who are recruiting in my community;
  • I can attend a public event, BUT CANNOT have prearranged contact with prospects.

As a Booster, What CAN’T I do to help UMBC Athletics?

  • You CANNOT recruit players to UMBC.
  • Do not tweet or Facebook recruits.
  • Do not contact recruits by telephone, email or in person.
  • Do not visit recruits. 
  • Do not provide meals to student-athletes, unless you have received permission from compliance.
    • This includes Holiday meals, tailgates before games, etc.
  • Do not let a student-athlete or prospect stay at your house or borrow your car.

Please remember: Ask Before You Act!